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Demo Video & Features

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A Few Of UBot Studio's Amazing Features:

  • 1
    Quick To Market: It takes literally only a few hours to build your idea into a useful and valuable product. 
  • 2
    Spur-of-the-Moment Versatility: Come up with a bot in the spur of the moment that will do that boring, repetitive task FOR you.       
  • 3
    The Power To Compile: License bots to other developers to use in their products, or joint venture with them.
  • 4
    Easy To Learn: UBot Studio takes the complexity out of the process of turning out professional apps.

Let's Talk About UBot Studio

UBot Studio is a platform for quickly and easily creating web bots. With UBot Studio, you don’t need to know any programming, or complicated internet technologies. Simply drag and drop directly from the web browser, and UBot Studio advanced artificial intelligence will figure out the rest. 

For any method that you know of to make money online, you UBot Studio will help you automate it. From SEO, to social media management, to data analytics, to your secret sauce that no one know about but you, all your internet marketing can run automatically, in the background, 24 hours/day, 365/year.

UBot Studio has an incredible community of devoted users, eager to help each other out. We've been around for 10 years, and some of our devoted fans have been with us the entire time.

UBot Studio comes with everything you need to automate the web. In addition, there are many 3rd party plugins that add even more functionality, making the possibilities truly limitless.

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OVER $3,500 In JV & Affiliate Cash Prizes!


Starts 10am EST October 22nd

Main Cash Contest

22nd October - 27th October


The UBot Studio Sales Funnel


First six hours - 10am - 4pm EST:
Lite - $17.95
Pro - $27.95

4pm - Midnight EST:
Lite - $19.95
Pro - $29.95

Day 2 Pricing (Monday):
Lite - $22.95
Pro - $32.95

Day 3 + 4 Pricing (Tuesday + Wednesday):
Lite - $27.95
Pro - $37.95

Day 5 Pricing (Thursday):
Lite - $29.95
Pro - $39.95

Day 6 (Friday):
Lite - $37.95
Pro - $47.95

Lite - $47.95
Pro - $67.95


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Do We Reciprocate?


It's pretty simple...If you promote us, we'll promote you back.

We continue to support all our top affiliate and launches that we believe our a great fit for our lists and traffic. Please take a brief look at the screen shots below, they are some of the recent places we have finished on leaderboard promoting fellow partners launches.

If you want us to fire heat to your launch, then please promote this launch.

In an attempt to top our leaderboard or generate a huge influx of commissions we highly recommend you create bonuses for your clients, customers and list. These always help with conversions.

Feel free to reach out to use if you need anything with your promo....


Email Swipes & Promo Graphics

You can contact us whenever you want. Just add any of us to Skype and we'll help with any JV or affiliate enquiries.

Our Skype details are below and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Thank you and we appreciate your help and support.


Promote UBot Studio X and See How Easy It Is To Make a Killing AND Help Your Customers

UBot Studio has developed into one of the strongest brands in marketing automation, with literally thousands of satisfied customers and fans. We have also been endorsed by many industry publications and affiliate networks (including C2M). We are still small enough that many have not heard of us–and when people find out about UBot Studio, they are EXCITED.”I can’t believe this isn’t on the shelves at Best Buy,” someone told us last week.

Not yet – but we have expanded quickly thanks to word of mouth and constant development, so sign up to promote now and be the one to introduce us to your friends and clients.

Even better: Ubot Studio hasn’t been available for most affiliates for several years, while we focused on product development. 

Not only is UBOt Studio relaunching with Ubot Studio X, our biggest launch ever, but we’re relaunching our affiliate program under JVZoo — so you know it’s easy to promote and the entire payment process is handled automatically.

(If you’re already a Ubot Studio affiliate, now’s the time to sign up via JVZoo and start promoting Ubot Studio with your JVZoo link!)

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When you promote UBot Studio, you can be confident that you are recommending a product which is an excellent value for money. Here’s what you get: 

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    A flat 50% per sale, which can be over $300 from a single sale. 
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    Experience. We’ve worked with some off the biggest affiliates in the business, so we know what you need. We’ll work directly with you to promote this valuable software to your clients. 
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    A huge discount for your customers! For the month of October, we’re offering a massive sale to help you prove to your clients that you’ve got an offer they shouldn’t refuse.

That’s right, we’re offering you a special affiliate price, just for your customers, on ALL editions of Ubot Studio—with an upgrade funnel that will help maximize your profit! 

To start, affiliates can offer their customers a whopping 20% off Ubot Studio. 

Email Swipes and Graphics

We accept all traffic sources that are legitimate and compliant with laws – SEO, PPC, Media Buys, Social Media, Blogs, Mailing etc.

Please contact us to discuss your marketing plan and how we can assist you with it. We are happy to talk about how best to show Ubot Studio to your clients—usually, we recommend a multi-email series, ideally with a webinar that you use to explain its value, and a time-sensitive discount. 


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