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Important: Your license is not fully active yet! If you’ve just purchased, you have temporary use of UBot Studio, but for full activation, we have a required phone-verification system. There are two options:

1) Contact us (preferred) by please calling 1-800-247-9604 and following the prompts, including leaving a voicemail if necessary. If you are outside the US, please call +1 (303) 242-8116. Please call from the number associated with the payment method for fastest verification.

2) We can briefly call you to verify that you are the purchaser of the software. We will be using the contact information that was attached to your method of payment (Credit Card or Paypal). If you choose this option, you don’t need to do anything. A representative will contact you within the next few days at the number provided to us. However, if there is not an accurate phone number attached to your payment information, please open a support ticket at now and let us know a good time and number to reach you!

One last thing: You need Microsoft .Net 4.5 installed for UBot Studio to load properly.

.Net 4.5 is the latest edition of Microsoft’s framework for running executables built in Visual Studio. It’s one of the ways we can make UBot Studio so useful for so many people. You can download .Net 4.5 directly from Microsoft here: Download .Net 4.5

Getting Started – Tips and Ideas

UBot Studio has been designed to be extremely easy to use. You don’t need any programming skills to create extremely powerful automation tools but an understanding of UBot’s Visual Scripting Interface.
Here are some tips and ideas to help you learn UBot Studio quickly and get started with making your own powerful automation bots with UBot Studio.
Video Tutorials. We produce step-by-step video tutorials that you can watch and learn from. It is best to open your copy of UBot Studio and follow the steps in the tutorials as you watch them. Here is a link to the tutorials.
Sample Bots. You can download shared bots from the forum or contact us for some bots. Open those bots in UBot Studio, see their source code to understand how they were created. It is an extremely fun way to learn UBot.
UBot Network. Join the UBot Studio Network, read the discussion threads, see how people get their problems solved and actively participate in discussions – you will experience a wide array of perspectives.
UBot Blog. Frequently check UBot Blog for latest updates, news, tutorial links and production-use bots. Better
still, subscribe to the RSS Feed.

How to Contact the UBot Studio Team

For technical problems or feedback, it is best to create a thread at the discussion forums. It is the fastest way to get help and you will get a wide variety of ideas to solve your problems from the UBot Users and Staff.
However, if your problem doesn’t get solved on the forum or if you prefer to keep your issue private, you can open a support ticket here and someone from UBot Team will get back to you as quickly as possible.
Once again, thanks a lot for choosing to become a part of the UBot Studio family.
We hope that you enjoy using UBot Studio and automating your business as much as we enjoy developing UBot Studio.


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