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Standard Feature 1: Compiling

In UBot Studio Standard Edition, you can compile your bots into standalone applications, which you can run on and windows machine, at any time. 

Many of our customers even sell their bots, and some have created multi million dollar business, just around selling their bots!

Standard Feature 2: Recording

Sure, the drag and drop interface is super easy to use. But you know what's even easier? Just recording the actions you want your bot to do.

By taking advantage of recording, you can cut the bot creation time even more.

Standard Feature 3: The UI Editor

Easily drag and drop to create beautiful, functional user interfaces to make your bots easy to use, for yourself, or for your customers.

Standard Feature 4: Automated CAPTCHA Solving

Those pesky captchas can really get in the way of your bot's success. UBot Studio Standard Edition connects with several captcha solving services so you'll never have to solve a captcha again.

Standard Feature 5: External Browsers

In the standard edition of UBot Studio, you aren't limited to the built in browser. You can use the built in browser for creating your scripts, but then run your scripts in the version of Chrome or Firefox that you have installed on your computer.

This gives you total control of what you're running and how you're running it.

Standard Feature 6: Control Multiple Browser Windows, Popups, and Sessions

Multiply your productivity by running in multiple browser windows at the same times. You can use the same session (useful if you want to stay logged into a website) or you can run a new session from each browser!

Standard Feature 7: Plugins

Did you know that UBot Studio has a massive, thriving community around it? Many UBotters have created 3rd party plugins, either for free or for very cheap.

By taking advantage of the UBot plugin api, you can expand the power of UBot Studio with the creative minds of every UBotter who came before you.

Standard Feature 6: The Bot Bank

The Bot Bank is a collection of useful commands and premade scripts that will expand your capabilities and save you time. With website scripts that can automatically log into sites, register accounts, post comments, and many other functions, all the hard work is already done for you.

And with the Extended UBot Library, the Bot Bank gives you access to hundreds of other commands and functions.

The Bot Bank is a subscription service, but it's FREE for the first three months since the date of your first purchase.


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UBot Studio Standard 

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